Gallery Old Photos

The Green
Cricket on the Green
View East along main route through the Village
Victory Hall before render
Victory Hall after render
The Green from the Churchyard
St James Church
Horses Grazing on the Green, seen from the Churchyard
St James Church
The Green from the east
Sycamore Cottage and Woodbine House
Lowthian Cottage and Greengath
Woodbine House 1960s
Reading Rooms and Sheriff House
Crossfield and High Green House
High Green House
Lowthian Bros, Tailors Shop and Greengarth
The Grange
Beech House, Stables and Barn
Kings Arms 1930s
Kings Arms and St James 1950s
KIngs Arms and St James Church 1950s
The Kings Arms after extending into the adjacent property
View from Kings Arms
Kings Arms, VIctory Hall and Sycamore Cottage
Moss View 1918
Beech House and Sheriff House
The Green
Looking west along main road with the Old Forge on right
Betsy Lane
The Smithy
The Kitchen Family – Tenants at Linden Farm
Sycamore Cottage 1915
The School and Chapel Street
Cast of School Play 1950s
Cast of School Play 1950s
Geese on the Green
Greengarth and The Green
The Cedars and Maypole Terrace
May Day Parade 1908
May Day Queen Proclamation 1908
The Maypole
May Queen Festival Coronation 1910
May Queen Festival Parade 1910
May Queen Festival Parade 1910
The Maypole from the west
Black Swan House and Swan Cottage
Countess Farm, Chapel Street and proud owners